Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why choose?

Should I choose between being an ascetic and a hedonist? I want to be both.

An ascetic when I want to renounce the comforts and culture and coins and all that is worldly hoping to turn into a natural pearl, not the cultured pearl that we all are, for it isn’t so rare.

A hedonist when I want to indulge in the pleasures of all that life has to offer – Material pleasures, spiritual pleasures, simple pleasures – pleasure of every kind till I spoil myself crazy.

Should I choose between being a stoic and an epicurean? I want to be both.

A stoic when I want to be indifferent to the ways of world, unresponsive to the chaos, least observant to the craftiness of one person over another to yield to their self interest, unflustered by pleasure and pain, caring less about everything and everyone and advocate ‘stoic’ calm.

An Epicurean when I want to mollycoddle my personal self over gourmet food and aged wine and other such delicacies giving in to my gastronome pleasures unconcerned about the predicaments or poverty of people around me.

Should I choose between being an altruistic and an egoist? I want to be both.

An altruistic when I want to be compassionate about not just the people I care about but society in large and not just stop with the rambling of what could people do instead get it down to – What can I do?

An egoist when I want to take pride in things I do and not let people walk over things I care for and candidly love myself for who I am, albeit avoid being a narcissist.

Should I choose between being a Bohemian or a conformist? I want to be both.

A bohemian when I want to break the barrier of what people believe to be right and do what I believe to be right not just to be unconventional but to make a statement that I resolutely have come to believe.

A conformist when I want to avoid stirring controversy on subjects that even the likes of Thoreau and Da vinci who are uncompromising non-conformists not converse about.

Should I choose between being the real me or the ‘me’ that you like me to be? I want to be both.

The real ‘me’ when I want to be.

The’ me’ you like me to be, every time you are around.

Why choose between anything at all?

Is it possible to choose and be steadfast about what you have chosen?

Could you be an altruist and never be an egoist?

Could you be an ascetic and never be a hedonist?

Could you be a stoic and never be an epicurean?

Could you be a bohemian in everything and never be a conformist?

Could you always be ‘you’ and not the ‘you’ people want you to be?

So why choose?

Be what you want to be, when you want to be that,
not what you are expected to be!

The author is not suggesting that the reader adorn a different mask every time concealing the true self, the truth is, it is delusional to think that you can always be one and the same, I am merely suggesting that if you don’t have the pressure of being the one that you chose to be, you will NOT have to carry the one too many hideous masks with you all the time. Then, you will finally be – free and light – Within and out.

Ser uno mismo – amarte a ti mismo

Be yourself – love yourself.

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  1. The most meaningful one!why choose? Kudos for this; 'Then you will finally be- free and light- within and out." Soul Stirring!