Friday, October 8, 2010

La vita e bella

The late autumn breeze
Just a window away;
Magic brews within
Hearing the birds of song -
Song sparrow,
The blue jays and red robin
If timely, a painted bunting too.

Bare trees
And all the fallen leaves
Reminds me
Life is but brief;

On the gramophone, I play
Pavarotti and Callas
Tebaldi and Carusso
Their music to the soul
Unearthly yet sensual,
Wipes away all loneliness
Lures me into a reverie
A trance so deep,
I get buried.

I wish to stay buried
A little longer
In this daze,
Fallen leaves
Chirping birds
Soothing music
Gentle breeze
This minute lived,
A moment seized,
I assure you
Life may be brief
Beyond doubt

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