Thursday, January 21, 2010

Born Free

Life is not about Voltaire's version of, "Man is born free, but is everywhere seen bound by chains" - it is not! It is more Frank Sinatra's version: Born free and life is worth living, but only worth living Cause you're born free.

We all like to think that we would be living a far better life, a life that we often dream of - if only we had not been bound by societal obligations to do only what is 'right'. Who defines what is right and what is wrong anyways? Here is where one has to understand the conniving mind of a few men whose incessant needs are to label things as right and wrong, primarily to have a hold over the masses. Most of us soak it all in without questioning the reasoning behind it and therefore falling prey to the intentional conditioning of our minds.

How long will it be, before we stop for a minute and realize that whatever we complain of, whatever we whine about, whatever we blame on the society is simply because we need an easy way out by pinning the blame on something so large as society and its conformity!!

Basic problem with us is the chronic need to be 'acceptable' as 'someone' in the society!! The inveterate need to accept and incorrigible need to be acceptable!! In the process losing our sense completely. There is a way out - it is called ' INDEPENDENT THINKING'.

Clear your mind of all the asinine (silly) thoughts and ideologies that you have been tightly holding onto just because you have been taught to do so. Start applying sense to every situation that you come across, do not take a certain decision because that is what is acceptable to society, think what will do you best and accordingly choose. Maybe you will be looked at with contempt or some might think you are impertinent for being so non-conforming/liberal, but it is worth it. End of the day, it pays to live the life you want NOT the life others want you to live.

You were born free, have the will to fly free.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Unsophisticated joie de vivre...

Well I thought the ideal way to start a blog is to write about myself, that way I will find out what I think of myself and also find out how wrong I could be. The story of my life so far is like the title of this post - Unsophisticated joie de vivre. See, the title means a very simple thing - it means 'Simple pleasures of Life'. Yet I choose to make it sound convoluted like it is some sort of French delectable food - like amuse bouche!! (Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S?)

That wasn't very clear or was it? In case you don't get it, this blog is not for you - because my writing style is not very conventional and most of it will not make sense and I deviate a lot from what I intend to say, just like this.

I have a blessing. When I come across certain phrases that makes a lot of sense, I have the acumen to take it and religiously follow it to the last bit and therefore shine amidst people who do not heed to the philosophies of great men. One such great man was Harry Truman. I am sure you have heard of his legendary statement - "If you can't convince them, confuse them". And yes I do that, a LOT. And since this world almost always produces good speakers and hardly ever great listeners - I survive with all the crap I say - well just about. Some friends of mine do know what I am capable of but most importantly - of what I am not.

I always imagined that on many occasions luck was favoring me. I will be honest - I not just imagined, I knew luck was my thing. Because beautiful things happened to me without the slightest effort from my side. I secretly took refuge in it until I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and as always good things come in the form of gifts from great friends. I realized that it was not luck; it was sheer positive attitude that kept me a wee bit ahead in the rat race sometimes which I am obviously happy about, although time and again I do wonder if all this race that I compete for is worth the time?!

I love having tete-a-tete with people from diverse fields, I love having many friends, I love meeting people in random places and just talk to them about arbitrary topics.. See my problem? No? Well I will make it easier for you to understand and become judgemental about me. I make friends but I have a hard time keeping up with their lives - I forget birthdays, I forget anniversaries, well I just about forget to wish on most occasions, I rarely return calls, I seldom reply to messages, I promise a lot but deliver few, overall I disappoint them a lot. Of course I am ashamed to say this; But hey common, all of us have our flaws but at least I admit it. But It is true that I genuinely care for them - now don't smirk when you are reading this, yes I forget special occasions but not intentionally - but I do know that when they need me most I will be there no matter what. For some people, I will do more than just being with them when they need me most.

Ever heard of J.R.R.Tolkien? Would it help if I mention he is the author of 'Lord of the Rings'? Well, he made this statement, more like a declaration. It goes like this - "If more of us valued food and song and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." Who can deny that? Although I believe a teensy bit alteration to the statement would make it much more meaningful - If more of us valued food and song and BOOK above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. Well consider this - what can food and song and book bring? Food for thought!!

Once someone asked me this - When was the last time you did something for the first time. When I heard it, it felt like a revelation. I realized that minute that how much time I have been wasting doing nothing but unimportant-not-so-exciting routine and how much I had missed already. I took a oath then, that I Saranya would find time even in the most difficult times to do things that will involve new experiences and savor more of this life and care less about what others have got to say and also told myself that I would not allow anyone or anything to take that freedom of will away from me.

If you noticed, the title of this post has got nothing to do with what I wanted to say. I just needed an excuse to use some exotic words just to prep it up. Do you realize we all do this at various points in our life where we exaggerate simple things just to make it look better, nicer and in some case to make it look worse than the situation actually is. Do you know what, it is not the exotic things that you do or say for which people remember you, they remember you for the simple things you do and the simple words that come out of you genuinely without mincing words. When I do learn this, I will be a far better person.

I started off saying I want to write about me, going back to what I have typed here I realize that, it hardly tells you the person that I am but if you know me already, you would not have expected anything more.
It has been a while since I even visited my blog. Though there were a lot of occasions which demanded blog-time I simply didn't have the will to put my mind on it. Well I don't want this to become one of those things which I start with full enthusiasm only to not care about it later. So here I am forcing myself to type whatever comes to mind thereby shrewdly optimizing office time.

I often wonder why do I even attempt doing this. Who do I want to read my blog? Would I like to share it with everyone? Or only with a few people whom I can trust? What do I want to talk about? Well, most people will not agree to whatever you say, in that case is it worth writing one? I have no idea why I want to do this. There is purely no reason and for that very same reason, I like doing this. I know It doesn't make sense but that is the whole point.