Thursday, January 21, 2010

Born Free

Life is not about Voltaire's version of, "Man is born free, but is everywhere seen bound by chains" - it is not! It is more Frank Sinatra's version: Born free and life is worth living, but only worth living Cause you're born free.

We all like to think that we would be living a far better life, a life that we often dream of - if only we had not been bound by societal obligations to do only what is 'right'. Who defines what is right and what is wrong anyways? Here is where one has to understand the conniving mind of a few men whose incessant needs are to label things as right and wrong, primarily to have a hold over the masses. Most of us soak it all in without questioning the reasoning behind it and therefore falling prey to the intentional conditioning of our minds.

How long will it be, before we stop for a minute and realize that whatever we complain of, whatever we whine about, whatever we blame on the society is simply because we need an easy way out by pinning the blame on something so large as society and its conformity!!

Basic problem with us is the chronic need to be 'acceptable' as 'someone' in the society!! The inveterate need to accept and incorrigible need to be acceptable!! In the process losing our sense completely. There is a way out - it is called ' INDEPENDENT THINKING'.

Clear your mind of all the asinine (silly) thoughts and ideologies that you have been tightly holding onto just because you have been taught to do so. Start applying sense to every situation that you come across, do not take a certain decision because that is what is acceptable to society, think what will do you best and accordingly choose. Maybe you will be looked at with contempt or some might think you are impertinent for being so non-conforming/liberal, but it is worth it. End of the day, it pays to live the life you want NOT the life others want you to live.

You were born free, have the will to fly free.


  1. Bravo !!!. Pretty much my take on life too. True to every individual i guess. when i take decisions out of my own will and my thinking i find it more gratifying and i feel more confident, however flawed it may be i am willing to learn. When u confirm to society's way of thinking i miss myself, and my thoughts. Which is o.k sometimes . But When it is more deeper and intense issues then i would like to question and find my own ways rather than confirm.

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  3. Hey, its funny that even I chose to comment on this post. Only after entering comments page found another person with my name already commented :). Well! the post slaps truth on to our faces I guess!

    A scintillating post that perfectly draws your personality in words. The thought about conformity is brilliantly weaved. Its quite natural that we human beings have an undying thirst for recognition and acceptance of our immediate circle of people which at a longer run changes to conformity. Acknowledgement, acceptance, reciprocation are simply the words one crave for happiness. Ofcourse what do we live for if not to appreciate and be appreciated. I guess time will take its course on such issues when awareness spreads among people and we have more free thinkers. On the contrary too much of independent thinking also leads to loss of our identity. The one thing most beautiful about our culture is how easily one adapts to the suroundings and still manages to be happy. The only reason we have less personal counsellors is our social life which is deep routed in the society, and social life demands conformity! Conformity is not a bad word if one embraces it with joy and not force. Yes, independent thinking is good when approached with maturity and without decimating our cultural system. Well done!