Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wilted White Daffodils

It is confusing
This hollow emptiness –
Decaying moods –
And the futile attempt to
Destroy it.

Longing it could be;

Outside the window –
I see plants swaying
to the gentle breeze,
Two soaring doves;
I see the swinging wind chimes;

The closed windows,
Lets nothing inside -
Not the breeze
Nor the gentle music of the chime;
I close my eyes –
The clamor in my head
Is too loud to bear;

My soul brewing in its inner flame
Gnaws at your absence –
Your memories casts a shadow – that
I can’t just brush and leave –
I close my eyes only to see wilted white daffodils;
A meadow of wilted white daffodils –
Such beauty when the thousands of dead wilted white daffodils
Dances to the soundless music of zephyr -
I realize solitude too is bliss.

I open my eyes –
And notice the sky is clear;

I open the windows –
It takes me at once –
The breeze swirls;
Music of the chime pleasant;
Clear sky brings a fleeting smile;
As it reminded me that -
Your ship too will come shore, because
The day is not over, yet!