Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mind over Matter

Mind and heart at constant war-
A quest of thoughts,
Trying to connect the dots;
Verdict has to be determined,
Who calls for the shots?
Mind and heart still at war...
Will this torment remain a scar?

This unvarying struggle between the mind and heart has always been a mystery to me. Their domination over every thought that originates creates a conflict that sometimes turns into such a raging war which I feel powerless to control or conquer. It doesn’t matter what the thought is all about – of one thing I am sure that the mind and heart is sure to disagree on it.

What is mind really? Where does the thought originate from? Is every thought a feeling or logical reasoning to the situation present? Mind as one would like to believe is an indivisible unit from the body – Descartes would agree. (Will argue whether mind is an indivisible unit later) Whereas heart besides being a muscular organ is the spring of all intuitions and feelings – Anyone would agree.

Once a thought is conceived from nowhere, you as a person are defined by how you process that thought. In my case, when a thought is conceived, I dwell on it, let my intuition judge the thought but parallel to that I will have my mind rationalize it and lose the essence of the thought altogether and end up feeling empty all over again. Not good. After much time spent on this issue, I have come to believe that both Mind and heart is the maker of its own mess. It is both a relative concept that is of course not tangible but invented by us for easier understanding of our complex thinking.

Mind unlike heart is immaterial but equally substantial, so it is but natural that we can be so indecisive sometimes as both mind and heart tries to get the better off each other. The only true way to find a balance is to not let either dominate or not be prejudiced over the role of each. Let both steer your life together for only then will there be awakening, until then it will be nothing but chaos because of the social conditioning of it.

To awaken, put your beliefs and concepts to sleep.