Saturday, October 16, 2010

along you came

Dreams liberal
Life could be a living hell
Nothing is ever the same
In this world

But along you came
Swirling colors
Into my life
Sharing stories
Setting the vibe

Hour-long conversations
Lasts all yearlong
As great friends
We belong –
Life with you in it
Is a birdsong.

Troubled years
Were a storm
You were there
Keeping me calm.

As we grew
We set apart
For we had to
Play our part.

Growing distance
Didn’t matter
Nothing could ever
Stop our banter.

Unspoken words
You knew –
Unvoiced thoughts
You knew –
You know all
There is to know –
About me.
And I, about you.

Dreams liberal
Life is NOT a living hell
With you in my life
Nothing could ever change
In this fine world.