Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In the Woods

Woke up from a deep slumber,
Treading softly to the patio,
Eager to see what marvel waits today in the woods,
The sun was slowly rising – greeted by
Chirping birds, cawing crows, buzzing insects
And singing myna in the distant;
Trees were still, leaves too,
Silently standing there welcoming the rays of sun,
Like a friend always have;
Misty mountains looked serene,
I sat there motionless gazing at them,
With a cup of hot coffee as my companion fighting the cold wind,
Even the steam that arose from the cup was soothing,
Unspoken words of the woods was simple,
Life back in the concrete jungle seemed insignificant -
Bordering on illusion,
Just the thought of the metropolis brought
Blaring noise in my mind,
I stopped thinking – welcoming the silence of the mind
And tranquility of the woods,
Just here I will remain as I intend to.

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